5 Steps to Boost a Wi-Max Signal

October 6th, 2012


As of 2011, Wi-Max is the comparatively newer internet technology which runs on 4G and functions on a higher bandwidth than its competition; Wi-Fi. 4G technology, in layman’s terms works on sending and receiving towers from one point to the other. This transmission of signals establishes an internet connection that is boosted with the help of various supporting devices. But the wireless internet connection can turn faulty if the reception of signals is not clear because for Wi-Max, the greater the clarity of the wireless signals, the greater the speed.

After going through a number of trial and error experiments, it’s still uncertain of how can one boost a Wi-Max signal adequately enough to establish a strong wireless internet connection. However, find below a few tips to boost your WiMax signals,



Place the WiMax modem close to the window. Enclosed places become a hurdle for signal reception to the modem and may weaken the wireless internet connection. The wireless modem should at least show two lights for a moderate signal and three for a stronger one.



Firewalls and anti-virus programs scan each incoming and outgoing signals. Since WiMax is largely dependent on the clarity of wireless signals, such intervention stalls the wireless internet connection. To avoid such a situation, disable your computers security software. Once it is disabled, connect to the Internet using the WiMAX modem and reactivate the security software.  It is not favorable to browse the internet without enabling your firewall settings since your computer is vulnerable to spyware and viruses which may in return cause further damage to your system.



Keep other electronic devices at least 3 feet away from the WiMax Wireless router. Microwaves, televisions and other routers may cause a reduction in your modems signal potential since all electronics devices emit and receive signals. This might cause an interference in your WiMax signals.



Turn the modem clockwise to adjust the modem’s antenna, and wait 15 seconds to 20 seconds while the modem attempts to detect a stronger signal.



Use Ethernet cable to connect your WiMax wireless modem to your computer to establish a direct connection between the router and your system!


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