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Wateen Telecom, Pakistan’s leading converged communication service provider, announced another exciting offer for their customers who have been inactive since March 2012. Now, they can activate their Wateen devices and avail this offer to use uninterrupted broadband services. The ‘Why hesitate? Reactivate’ campaign is aimed at building a connection with Wateen customers who have been […]

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How to Use Follow the following steps to use your Wateen Telephony Service Step 1 – Make sure your *CPE is powered on and is registered on the network. You need to have positive balance in your account to use Telephony service Step 2 – Connect any standard telephone set to your CPE and check […]

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Wateen’s CEO, Naeem Zamindar talks to Pakistan Today about Wateen’s rebirth

The Wateen job turned out to be one of those paradoxical interview assignments that make an editor’s job extremely difficult and pretty rewarding at the same time. And in hindsight it was for the better that this was not our usual ‘Lunch with Profit’ outing, or Fujiyama’s inviting sushi would’ve been left feeling just as […]

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