About Wateen Telecom

November 1st, 2007

Wateen Telecom is a converged communication services provider that fulfills the connectivity requirements for organisations and individuals in Pakistan. Wateen Telecom delivers complete solutions for Internet, Voice, Multimedia and Enterprise Solutions that make it the most comprehensive provider for all of Pakistan’s communication necessities. An Abu Dhabi Group venture, Wateen’s vision is to lead Pakistan into the digital revolution of the 21st Century and to make Pakistan a regional communications hub, connecting the East with the West and Central Asia with the Middle East.

Wateen began its operations in Pakistan in 2007 with the deployment of the largest fibre optic network in the country. Moreover, Wateen is the world’s first company to commercially roll out a WiMAX network on a nationwide scale. Wateen currently services over 250,000 WiMAX subscribers, provides enterprise solutions and data services to over 200 leading organisations and its cable network reaches over 125,000 households in Lahore and Multan.

With a new strategic vision and management in place, Wateen has steadily improved its service provision and its corporate structure to adequately reflect its corporate motto and beliefs of ‘Enabling Customer Lifestyles’. Wateen is aiming to help shape the education, social and economic development in the country using broad‐based Internet provision.

Wateen offers a wide range of sophisticated technologies to meet the needs of institutional and personal users alike. In broadband internet Wateen Telecom offers competitive solutions for enterprises that include Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) and their management, International Private Lease Circuit (IPLC) set up and management and, finally, state of the art facilities for Co‐location/Tele‐housing for customers to deploy their infrastructure. For consumers, Wateen offers complete WiMax coverage in over 23 cities around Pakistan, as well as wire‐line internet services and cable TV entertainment.

For carriers and internet operators, Wateen offers managed capacity with its clear channel circuit or Layer 2 MPLS Virtual Private Network (VPN). Wateen also offers Dark Fibre leasing for carriers. Dark Fibre is leased to organisations seeking dark fibre connectivity on an IRU basis, i.e. Indefeasible Right of Use, which varies from 3 years to 20 years, depending on customer preference. Further, Wateen’s offerings for carriers include VSAT services, Lambda networking and IPLC private lines and co‐location services.

Wateen has a team of experienced and dedicated professionals who understand the business and technical issues of diverse industries and can therefore accurately translate customer requirements into the development of both network infrastructure and new services. Through the deployment of network integration and application skills, using leading data and Internet technology, Wateen provides its customers with real‐time competitive advantage wherever they do business.

Wateen offers turnkey based solution including Satellite Bandwidth, Satellite Equipment and 24/7 O&M services. Wateen Satellite NOC is fully equipped with latest needs of technologies including Satellite based NMS operating at multi vendor equipments and Satellites. Wateen is maintaining bouquet of World renowned Satellites including IntelSat, ABS, Paksat and ST having Ku and C‐Band transponders.

The Wateen management team, led by its dynamic CEO, Mr Naeem Zamindar, believes strongly in the power of high speed broadband to influence lives and affect change. To this end, the company recently signed an agreement with the United Services Fund (USF) to lay over 1,100 km of an optical fibre network in northern Balochistan, connecting twenty unserved cities and towns.

As a carriers’ carrier, Wateen also hopes to help make Pakistan a hub for regional communications and to bring services and mechanisms for data transfer that reduce costs and lag and provide reliable communications in any environment or time. This vision is reflected in the company’s recent US$7.9 million deal with Afghanistan’s Roshan Telecom; under the agreement, Wateen will provide Roshan with VSAT services in Afghanistan for the next two years

For more information on the company, please visit www.wateen.com