Connect WiMax to TV

September 18th, 2012


The launch of SMART TV is the new buzzword in home entertainment. It was no sooner after the launch of SMART phones that SMART TV established its’ market in the world of entertainment technology; bringing it to a completely new level with the connection of high-speed broadband internet.

Home wireless networks are popular for connecting computers and laptops to the internet. But since the invention of SMART technology, they can also be used to connect HD, LED and LCD televisions to the internet.

If you wish to connect your WiMax wireless network to SMART TV, make sure you have all the prerequisites mentioned below,

  • Ethernet Cable
  • WiMax Connection
  • WiMax Wireless Router
  • USB Adapter (compatible with your TV)
  • And of course, a Wireless Capable TV.

Once you’re set, follow the steps below to connect WiMax to TV:

  1. Using the Ethernet cable, connect the wireless router to the Ethernet wall jack. This will establish the wireless signals required for your home network.
  2. Insert a wireless LAN cable or plug the wireless USB adapter into the TV’s USB port. The USB adapter will act as a receiver of the wireless signals sent by the router.
  3. Now turn the TV on. Select ‘Menu’ on the remote control and then click on ‘Setup
  4. In the Setup menu, click ‘Network’. From the Network menu, change the default network type to ‘Wireless‘.
  5. Select ‘Network Setting’ then click on ‘Select a Network’. Now let your TV detect all and any wireless networks in range. Once your network name appears, select it from all the networks available.
  6. Once you have selected your wireless network, insert your Wi-Fi password. (here is how to setup your password on Wateen ZTE device, BOLT 2 device or  Blade Wi-Fi device)
  7. Give your TV a few minutes till it establishes a solid connection with your WiMax wireless internet connection.
  8. Select ‘Return’ to go back to the ‘Network’ menu. Select ‘Test Network’ to ensure if you have successfully connected your WiMax to TV.

Now stream videos, watch movies online, surf the internet and also play games by connecting WiMax to your gaming console! :)


  • After testing the network, if TV does not detect the wireless network, ensure that the Ethernet cable is properly connected.
  • Even then if the network is not detected, unplug the router and TV for 30 seconds and re-plug them. Check ‘Test Network’ to assure the wireless network is connected.
  • Instructions given here are generic and work for all devices. However, give a consult your TV manual to follow any specific directions.