Enable security on Wateen ZTE device

August 24th, 2012

There are countless benefits of keeping your wireless internet devices secure. From the possible loss of data and other private information to the intrusion of unwanted users, the need for wireless connection security cannot be stressed upon enough.

Here are a few steps to secure a connection that uses a Wateen ZTE device:

  1. Connect your Wateen ZTE device to your modem through a wireless or a wired medium
  2. Open a new browser and type in the address bar and press “Enter”
  3. Enter username and password as “user” and then click on “WLAN” option
  4. Click on “Basic Settings” and then rename your device SSID. This is for your ease so your Wi-Fi device can be recognized in the future
  5. Click on “Apply” button
  6. Click on the “Security” tab under the Wi-Fi option
  7. Select Security type as “WEP”
  8. Enter Security Key as 13 numeric digits and then click on “Apply” button
  9. Now re-connect your device through a Wi-Fi modem and enter the 13 digit security key

Your device has been secured with a Wi-Fi password! Watch the self help tutorial below for better instructions,

If you’re using the internet connection on Wateen Blade device, view the instructions here.