Wateen’s Fixed Line Telephony is the next generation telephony service that provides a better, hassle-free and affordable alternative to conventional landline services. Coupled with high-end, innovative Value Added Services (VAS), Wateen Fixed Line telephony enhances and enriches the telephony experience. You can get multiple connections for your home or office. Wateen’s Voice service is quick to install and there is no hassle of setting up wires etc. for connectivity.

On WiMAX technology you can add more lines by purchasing the ATA (Analogue Terminal Adaptions) from a Wateen franchise nearest you. NOTE: You can also enhance the number of connections up to 8 by using an external device called an IAD (Internet Access Device).

No, you won’t be able to carry your existing number to Wateen.

Special numbers have different prices. Kindly refer to tariff plans (Appendix 2).

Wateen is currently providing Fixed Line Telephony services only. Fixed Line Telephony cannot be taken on “Roaming”.

You can choose the own number of your liking. For more details on the “Special” Number categories and applicable rates please contact your nearest customer care centre.

HFC (Cable) – No, Internet and voice will keep on running as the EMTA (CPE) has a battery backup. The backup time in standby mode is 3 hours which might vary in its online mode. WiMAX – additional battery backup can be obtained from any of our franchises on payment.

Only Internet line rent covers free data volume for immediate usage. However, for all Telephony calls other than free calls (for e.g. Wateen’s helpline and emergency numbers) and Internet usage over the allocated volume, you will be required to top-up your account via Wcard.

Yes, to access voice services with outdoor unit, you will need an additional voice device ATA (Analog Telephone Adapter).

To subscribe to Wateen’s services you must: i. Consult the franchise list to locate an outlet near you ii. Decide on your preferred package iii. Bring a copy of your CNIC, latest paid utility bill or 3 credit card bill copies for verification. iv. Submit cash / credit card for upfront payment the specific amount catering to your requirements. A CSAF (Customer Subscription Acquisition Form) and undertaking document for CPE procession will be given to you to be filled and submitted. Cheques are not required.

Yes, for prepaid account you must select both Internet and Telephony packages of your choice.

Refer to Appendix 4 for details of subscription charges.

Cash and credit cards will be accepted at any Wateen¿s authorized sales point. However, SME/SOHO can also pay through cheque, Pay Order and DD (Demand Draft) in favor of “Wateen Telecom (Pvt.) Limited”.

It will take maximum 24 hours for installation of indoor unit and 72 hours for outdoor unit. Voice and Internet services will be available immediately once you will get the username and password.