Broadband Internet & Telephony FAQs


Are Wateen’s Voice and Telephony services similar to that of PTCL?

Wateen’s Fixed Line Telephony is the next generation telephony service that provides a better, hassle-free and affordable alternative to conventional landline services. Coupled with high-end, innovative Value Added Services (VAS), Wateen Fixed Line telephony enhances and enriches the telephony experience. You can get multiple connections for your home or office. Wateen’s Voice service is quick to install and there is no hassle of setting up wires etc. for connectivity.

How many lines will I be able to get from Wateen?

On WiMAX technology you can add more lines by purchasing the ATA (Analogue Terminal Adaptions) from a Wateen franchise nearest you. NOTE: You can also enhance the number of connections up to 8 by using an external device called an IAD (Internet Access Device).

Can I have the same number as I have now with my current service provider?

No, you won’t be able to carry your existing number to Wateen.

What is the price for special numbers?

Special numbers have different prices. Kindly refer to tariff plans (Appendix 2).

What is the difference between Mobile and Fixed Line Telephony services?

ateen is currently providing Fixed Line Telephony services only. Fixed Line Telephony cannot be taken on “Roaming”.

Can I choose my own telephone number?

You can choose the own number of your liking. For more details on the “Special” Number categories and applicable rates please contact your nearest customer care centre.

Would the Telephony service be switched off in case of power failure?

HFC (Cable) – No, Internet and voice will keep on running as the EMTA (CPE) has a battery backup. The backup time in standby mode is 3 hours which might vary in its online mode. WiMAX – additional battery backup can be obtained from any of our franchises on payment.

Does my monthly line rent cover service usage?

Only Internet line rent covers free data volume for immediate usage. However, for all Telephony calls other than free calls (for e.g. Wateen’s helpline and emergency numbers) and Internet usage over the allocated volume, you will be required to top-up your account via Wcard.

In case of outdoor CPE, do I need the voice device (ATA)?

Yes, to access voice services with outdoor unit, you will need an additional voice device ATA (Analog Telephone Adapter).

How do I subscribe to Wateen services?

To subscribe to Wateen’s services you must: i. Consult the franchise list to locate an outlet near you ii. Decide on your preferred package iii. Bring a copy of your CNIC, latest paid utility bill or 3 credit card bill copies for verification. iv. Submit cash / credit card for upfront payment the specific amount catering to your requirements. A CSAF (Customer Subscription Acquisition Form) and undertaking document for CPE procession will be given to you to be filled and submitted. Cheques are not required.

Do I have to subscribe to both Internet and Telephony packages?

Yes, for prepaid account you must select both Internet and Telephony packages of your choice.

What payment must be made at the time of subscription?

Refer to Appendix 4 for details of subscription charges.

What is the mode of payment?

Cash and credit cards will be accepted at any Wateen¿s authorized sales point. However, SME/SOHO can also pay through cheque, Pay Order and DD (Demand Draft) in favor of “Wateen Telecom (Pvt.) Limited”.

How much time will it take to activate the Voice and Internet services?

It will take maximum 24 hours for installation of indoor unit and 72 hours for outdoor unit. Voice and Internet services will be available immediately once you will get the username and password.

What equipment do I need to get connected with Wateen prepaid WiMAX?

Wateen will be providing you with a simple WiMAX Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) to enjoy our high speed Internet and Telephony products. There are two types of CPEs, Indoor and Outdoor, based on coverage, you will be advised for the appropriate CPE.

What is the cost of WiMAX equipment/ CPE?

The WiMAX CPE price range is between Rs.14,100/- to Rs.18,900/- (without tax) depending on the model. For customer convenience, only nominal monthly rental amount i.e. Rs. 99/- is required to be paid instead of having to purchase the CPE.

What is the duration of rent for the CPE?

Rent will be paid for as long as the prepaid services are being used.

Can I use my current telephone set with WiMAX Telephony services or do I need to buy different telephone set?

You can use your existing telephone set to access Wateen Telephony services. However, you would need Wateen’s WiMAX CPE, to which your existing telephone set must be connected.

How can I check my account status and information?

Yes, you will be given a username/password to access the online self-care portal to monitor and check your account status and information.

If I have balance left in my account, would the remaining amount be carried forward to next month automatically?

Yes, any remaining balance left in your account will be carried forward to the next month.

Would I be able to use my left over free GBs in next month?

Any remaining free GBs will not be carried forward to the next month.

Where can I purchase Wcards?

Wcards are available at all Wateen franchises and at general stores. Refer to list (Appendix 1) for franchise outlet nearest to you.

What are the Wcard denominations?

Wcards are available in these denominations: I. Rs. 50 II. Rs. 100 III. Rs. 500 IV. Rs. 1000 V. Rs. 1500 VI. Rs. 2000

How long is the Wcard typically valid for?

Wcard is valid for a period of 3 years.

What is the customer service number in case I have any complaints / queries regarding Wateen Calling Card?

Dial 1236 for Wateen Landline and dial 111-365-111 from other than Wateen land line to contact our 24/7 helpline for any complaints or queries.

What is the prepaid account life cycle?

Internet and Telephony services can be used once all the line rents are charged at the time of subscription. However, to make calls you must have a balance in your account; this you can ensure by voucher top-up (Wcard). You can top-up your account any time for both Internet and Telephony services with the Wcard according to your needs. Monthly rents (CPE, Internet & Telephony) will be automatically charged after a 30 day cycle starting from date of subscription. Note: all line rents (including Internet, Telephony and CPE) will be charged each month even if any services are not used. However, extra usage charging of the Internet and Telephony will be based on usage.

How long would my account be active for?

Accounts will remain “Active” until the balance gets negative or 180 days have elapsed without any activity from the last date of Wcard refill- whichever comes first- after which the account is ¿Blocked¿.

How can I monitor and check my account status?

You can access the self-care portal at this web address http://selfcare.wateen.com OR you can call 1230 for IVR (Interactive Voice Response) from your Wateen telephone number to check account status anytime. You also get a 15 second warning before the balance runs out during a call. Moreover, when you are left with 4 MB, the self-care portal automatically pops up for refill so that you can continue without interruption.

What is the procedure of getting the refundable security in case of subscription termination?

The CPE must be submitted at the Wateen franchise along with settling any outstanding dues. Your case will be forwarded to Wateen Finance for further processing. A cross cheque will then be issued within 4 weeks.

Can I change my Internet line rent?

Yes, you can move from one package to another.

Can I change my service from postpaid to pre paid?

Yes, you can change your services from postpaid to pre paid after settling previous bill at the Wateen franchise.

What services can be used when an account is ”blocked”?

An account is blocked when the balance goes negative either due to failure to recharge at month end or balance depletion during the month. When blocked, only incoming calls and free calls (for e.g. Wateen¿s helpline, emergency numbers) are allowed. All line rents will be deducted after each 30-day period of subscription date for the duration of account blocked status. You can call 1230 from your Wateen telephone number or access prepaid portal (http://selfcare.wateen.net) to refill your account. The balance amount and your incoming calls will continue to work as normal. For further help, you can always call us at 111 365 111and our representative will be happy to assist you.

What services can be used when an account is ”locked”?

The next stage of non-payment is account locking. In this state, there is no affect on the balance amount and the line rent will not be deducted from the balance on the due date. You can only access the Wateen helpline by dialing 1230 from your Wateen telephone number and access the selfacre portal (http://selfacre.wateen.net) to refill your account. For further help, call us at 111 365 111.

What services can be used when an account is considered ”closed”?

When an account is closed, the line rent will not be deducted from your balance on the due date. The account when “closed” is suspended and you must visit the nearest franchise to re-activate your account.

What is WiMAX?

WiMAX (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) is a telecommunication technology that provides wireless data over long distances in a variety of ways (Voice, Internet, Data and in future Multimedia). WiMAX enables users to access high speed Internet, Voice and Value Added Services (VAS).

What is unique about Wateen WiMAX?

Wateen WiMAX is a true broadband solution that provides an “always on” connectivity on wireless technology. Wateen WiMAX provides customers hassle-free and immediate access to high speed Internet and Voice services simultaneously. WiMAX is an internationally recognized standard for wireless broadband connectivity and Wateen is proud to have commercially launched the first 802.16e compliant network in the world and usher Broadband in Pakistan so that people can enjoy revolutionary, affordable broadband communication and media services.

Is Wateen WiMAX available in my city?

Wateen is offered WiMAX services in major cities and towns, these are: Abbottabad, Gujrat, Hafizabad, Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Mandi Bahuddin, Narowal, Okara, Pakpattan, Rawalpindi, Sahiwal, Sialkot, Sheikhupura, Sargodha. Wateen is currently continuing its roll-out to ensure coverage in many cities.

How do I know if Wateen services are available in my city or not?

You can check availability of Wateen services in your city in the above mentioned list. Wateen is expanding its WiMAX network to cover more cities and is also rolling out its Triple Play services on cable across the major cities in Pakistan providing Telephony, Internet and TV services. You can register interest with our Call Centre or on our website and you’ll be informed as soon as we launch in your city.

How fast is WiMAX?

Wateen’s broadband solutions come in various packages to suit your requirements. Wateen subscribers can enjoy (Add speed according to new tariff), Internet across Pakistan.

Can I use Telephony and Internet at the same time?

Yes, our Broadband service allows you to access Telephony and high speed Internet simultaneously.

Which operating systems and devices does Wateen WiMAX solution support?

Wateen WiMAX supports Win 98/XP/Vista & Mac OS, a PC for surfing the Internet and any POTs telephone set to use our telephony services.

How many computers can I use? And how would they connect?

You can connect as many users as you want and a switch/ hub/ Wi-Fi router etc. will be required to fulfill this demand.

How do I use email services on the Wateen WiMAX network?

You can access and use any web based email on Wateen network. But, if you are using POP3 or IMAP email address such as info@yourhosting.com with any email applications (e.g. MS Outlook or MS Outlook Express etc.) then you need to configure Wateen’s Outgoing Mail Server (smtp.wateen.net). Please call our helpline for further assistance.

Is Wateen going to restrict any sites?

Yes, if applicable depending on restrictions by Government of Pakistan.

Does it work indoors or outdoors? And is it a dedicated link or shared?

Both indoor and outdoor models are available since it works in both environments depending on coverage, and it’s a shared broadband service.

Can I use my home WiMAX equipment in my office premises as well?

No, each premises will require a separate connection.

Can I have a wireless Network?


What is true Broadband?

A true Broadband connection means you have the capacity to transmit a large amount of data over a high speed connection to the Internet. Presently a connection having download speed of 256 kbps or more is classified as true Broadband. When connected to the Internet such a connection allows faster surfing or downloading than a dial-up or any other narrowband connection. Wateen’s network is “always-on” service.

What can I do with Broadband that can’t be done with dial-up?

With a true Broadband connection you can surf the Internet, download your favorite music, games, movies,songs etc., all at amazingly high speed. In Broadband there are no disconnections and your phone line remains free. Contrary to dial-up, this connection is “always on” and there are no call charges for Internet access.

What is the minimum computer specification required for an Internet connection?

You will need a PC with an Ethernet (Network) card; and your PC must have a minimum specification of: 133 MHz processor 16MB RAM CD-ROM drive USB or Ethernet Port Windows 98 or higher or MAC OS7.5 or higher NOTE: same specifications for HFC (Cable Service).

What are the tariffs for Internet and Telephony?

Please refer to Appendix 2 for details.

What do you mean by ”Internet Traffic volume”?

Traffic volumes include both upload and download data. For example, if a customer downloads 2GB and uploads 1GB, Wateen will charge 3GB to his/her account.

TV & Multimedia FAQs

How many channels are available on digital TV?

Wateen is not offering digital TV

What are our current service offerings?

Our current offerings include the following services:

  • Broadband internet
  • Voice service
  • Cable television

How many channels are available on the analogue TV?

Currently there are over 90 analogue channels and numerous in-house channels available.

What is triple-play service?

All the above services provided by the same operator are known as triple-play services.

Where is Wateen Multimedia service currently available?

The services of WATEEN MULTIMEDIA are currently available in DHA, Lahore. However, the services will be expanded to other areas and cities soon.

How can I get my cable connection?

Getting Wateen Multimedia cable is a very simple procedure. Simply visit our service center in 21 Commercial Area, Sector J, Phase 5 DHA, Lahore. You can also fill out a Call Back form on our website. Upon receiving your form, our customer services representative will contact you and arrange for a connection installation at your convenience.

What is the difference between analogue and digital TV?

Analogue TV is a normal TV system that can be viewed through a cable, whereas digitial TV requires a special receiver known as a set top box, for channel viewing.

I already have a cable TV and internet connection from other operator, how can I switch to Wateen cable services?

You simply have to call us at 111-365-111 and our Customer Services representative will assist you in getting a Wateen Multimedia cable connection.

What is true broadband?

A true broadband connection means you have a high speed connection to the internet. Broadband refers to a connection that has capacity to transmit large amount of data at high speed. Presently a connection having download speeds of 256 Kbps or more is classified as true broadband. When connected to the Internet such a connection allows surfing or downloading much faster than a dial-up or any other narrowband connection.

What is the maximum and minimum speed that I can get from Wateen cable internet services?

With Wateen broadband internet you will get a minimum speed of (Add speed according to new tariff) up to a maximum (Add speed according to new tariff), depending upon the type of service package selected.

What can I do with broadband which I can’t do with dial-up?

With a true broad band connection you can surf the internet at much faster speed, download your favorite music, games, movies and songs quickly.

Do I need to get Cable TV connection to get my internet connection?

No, it is not necessary to get a CATV for the internet connection.

What does ‘always on’ connection mean?

Always-on means that the cable broadband sets up a permanent connection to the internet that lets you access the internet as soon as you switch on the computer and modem.

Can I use my old cable modem for Wateen broad band connection?

Generally our cable modem specifications are different from the ones currently installed at your premises. However once our installation team visits your premises and after a thorough site inspection they will be able to tell whether your old cable modem can be used or not.

What is the minimum computer specification required for internet connection?

The requirements are simple. You need a PC with an Internet card. Our installation team will provide any other equipment required. Your PC will require a minimum specification of:

  • 133 MHz processor
  • 16MB RAM
  • CD-ROM drive
  • USB or Ethernet Port
  • Windows 98 or higher or MAC OS7.5 to MAC OS9.2

How do I choose the speed/tariff plan that’s right for me?

This will depend on what you will be using the broadband connection for. If you are using it from home or a small office, choosing a service that offers a speed of 256 Kbps is ideal for general surfing and emailing. However, if you are downloading lots of videos or sending very large files, it may be better to choose a broadband service with even higher capacity.

What is a splitter? Do I need one?

A splitter allows a user to split one telephone line so that more than one device(s) can plug into that single telephone outlet. If you have subscribed to all the three services i.e. TV, voice and internet then you require a splitter to separate these 3 signals. The splitter will have one output for your telephone and internet connection and one for your set top box.

Can my current telephone connection be used for voice over cable?

No, your current telephone connection cannot be used. However, your current telephone set can be connected through the EMTA device separately, which will allow you access to voice services over cable. This will then operate like your regular telephone service.

Will my telephone number change once I get a Wateen connection?

A separate telephone number will be issued, specific to your area.

Would I be able to dial/receive calls from my Voice Over Cable connection?

Yes, VOC functions like a regular landline telephone. You can dial/receive local, nationwide, and international calls to any of the mobile, WLL or fixed line telephone service providers. Moreover, you will also be able to experience enhanced phone features like call forwarding, call transfer etc through our class 5 voice network.,/p>

Would I be able to dial/receive calls from my Voice Over Cable connection?

Yes, VOC functions like a regular landline telephone. You can dial/receive local, nationwide, and international calls to any of the mobile, WLL or fixed line telephone service providers. Moreover, you will also be able to experience enhanced phone features like call forwarding, call transfer etc through our class 5 voice network.

Where is Wateen TV coverage?

We are currently present with direct coverage in DHA Lahore and Multan Cantt. In other parts of the city we are available through our cable TV distribution only.

Will Wateen be providing Internet/triple play services as well with WATEEN TV

Wateen only provides direct Triple play services in DHA Lahore & Multan Cantt.For other cities, Wateen will engage an area specific distribution partner for Cable TV services only.

Which channel are available on WATEEN TV

We have a wide variety of national and International Entertainment, Sports, News, Food and Travel channels, which are normally available on popular cable networks. We also have premium quality in-house channels on which we play latest movies, shows and content from Hollywood and Bollywood.

What is the monthly pricing / line rent of WATEEN TV

In DHA Lahore, WATEEN TV services have a monthly rental of Rs. 350 only and in Multan it is available as a bundle with Internet and Telephone for Rs. 650 per month only.

For areas in which services are through our cable distribution partners, it will be from Rs. 250 to Rs.350 per month. Please contact your area distributor for Wateen TV transmission.

Will Wateen be sending the bill on distributor’s behalf

No, Wateen will only send bill to its direct customers in DHA Lahore and Multan Cantt. Distribution clients will be billed by their respective CATV service provider

When will Wateen provide services in my area / city

Please provide your details (name, area & phone number) and I will forward your request to our distribution team who will contact you within 24 hours with details on when the service will be available in your area

What is WATEEN TV USP? Why should I have Wateen’s TV services

WateenTV services offer high quality premium channels with exceptional viewing experience. With satellite like in-house channels, Wateen TV not only shows its differentiation from competitors but also strives to improve on it based on active customer feedback.

I would like to advertise on WateenTV

Please provide your contact details through our contact information page and our ad-sales team will contact you within 24 hours with tariff and ad placement availability

What are the advertising rates forWATEEN TV In-house channels

Please provide your contact details through our contact information page and our ad-sales team will contact you within 24 hours with tariff and ad placement availability

I would like to have Wateen TV Distribution

Please provide your contact details through our contact information page and our distribution team will contact you within 24 hours with details on how you can become one of our CATV distributors

Is Wateen TV available online

Currently this facility is not available but we will inform our customers whenever the service becomes available

Does Wateen provide Digital TV services or HD Channels

No, currently our service is in analog feed only.

When will Wateen provide Digital TV services or HD Channels

We will inform our customers as soon as the new service is available

What kind of censorship policy does your CATV apply?

Our censorship policy in line with Pakistan Censorship Board and international movie and entertainment channels which are currently approved by Pakistan Electronic & Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA)

How many in-house channels do WATEEN TV have

We currently have 5 in-house channels catering to popular entertainment genres.

Can I choose my own telephone number?

There will be a specific number range for your area and you will be able to choose your preferred number from that list, if it is available at the time of connection.