Enterprise Solutions

Wateen’s vast enterprise solutions portfolio provides organizations with numerous products that help them to achieve their communication and business objectives efficiently and comprehensively. No matter what industry or business, Wateen’s Enterprise Solutions caters to almost any need and accordingly personalizes its tailored products to suit any organisation’s interests. This gives our business consumers an almost unlimited choice through a wide range of value driven solutions.





Wateen’s Technology Consulting Service comprises a suite of enterprise and service-oriented architecture consulting services, focusing specifically on networking, unified communications and collaboration and virtualization domains. Wateen’s technology consultants work with clients to:

  • Understand the current situation
  • Define the most effective solution
  • Identify priority areas of action
  • Assist in implementing and managing the solution

SolutionDesign Service

Wateen pre-sales teams engage with consumers to understand their IT network requirements. After evaluating their current IT network and requirements, we design solutions and options that best describe the client’s business and technology pre-requisites. We also provide high-level solutions design, implementation & migration strategy.

Implementationand Integration Service

Once clients have selected and procured the right technology for their respective business, we make sure of its proper installation, integration, testing and operating – at the right place and in a timely fashion. Wateen takes away the headaches associated with technology implementation/technology integration – especially in the networking domain.  Our Implementation teams will work with customers to ensure that their technology assets arrive at the right location, at the right time and are seamlessly integrated into their environment with precise skill and experience.


Supplementing customers, in-house IT staff with Wateen’s professionals enables customer organisations to operate more efficiently as they implement the technological solutions critical for success. Our experts have experience in a wide range of technologies from across multiple geographies and vertical industries.




Operationand Maintenance – O&M

Wateen’s Operation and Maintenance ensures minimal downtime and supports the resolution of whatever specific business challenges our customers face. Our O&M offering includes traditional break-fix support such as troubleshooting and incident restoration within agreed service levels. The service includes: Multi-Vendor Management, Incident Management, Service Levels, Engineers to Site, Parts to Site, and Access to our Service Portal.

Premium Supportand Consultancy

Along with O&M services, Wateen also provides premium support and consultancy services to optimize and make the required changes in customer networks. Wateen’s Premium Support and Consultancy services include: Service Level Agreement, License Renewal, Assessments, Add, Change, Delete, Consultant on Call and Site Based Engineering.


ManagedWAN Services


ManagedWAN – Monitor and Notify

Wateen Managed  WAN monitoring is a proactive service for Customer-designated Managed Devices/Links 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by state-of-the-art Customer Network Operation Center (CNOC) and highly skilled professionals. Wateen monitors Customer Managed Devices via use of the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) and Internet Control Message Protocol (‘ICMP’ commonly called a ‘ping’).  Wateen also provides fault notification for Customer Managed Devices. CNOC creates a trouble ticket and attempts to notify the customer’s designated point of contact within agreed service level via e-mail, phone call and/or SMS.


Wateen’s Managed Router service is the management of existing or a new router infrastructure (provided by Wateen) through a proactive & secure management service that includes monitoring, notification and restoration, maintenance, assurance, lifecycle management, backup and restoration of configurations.

ManagedWAN – Full Management

Wateen Managed WAN (Full Management) service is the complete end-to-end management of our customer’s network. The service includes; monitoring, managing, and remedy of customer networks. Wateen also handles all ongoing configuration changes as part of the lifecycle management of the customer network.

HostedData Center

Wateen’s Hosted Data Center is designed onTHE BASIS OF EPI Tier classification equivalent to N+1 and scalable to N+2.Hosted Data Center features include:

  • N+1 with provisioning to be upgraded to N+2
  • Redundant fiber connectivity  (2 x STM1)
  • Precision cooling and HVAC  (Stulz)
  • Completely redundant UPS and Genset backup (MGF Galaxy, Perkins)
  • State-of-the-art Security and Access Control  (Axis) Fire Detection and Control System Gas Based Fire Suppression System;  Honeywell
  • NOC
  • Operational processes being developed in-line with ITIL and COBITstandards
  • Data Center Tier certification being planned as per EPI standards

HostedData Center Products:

  • Managed Servers (Rented Servers)
  • Managed Storage (Rented Data Storage)
  • Co-location  (Rented Physical Space)

Benefits to SMEsand Large Enterprises

  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Up to 70% savings on OPEX (for SMEs)
  • Ability to ‘pay as you go’
  • Minimal impact on capital budget and investment protection
  • Eliminates the need for costly and disruptive system upgrades
  • Rapid deployment that requires few in-house technical resources





Networks are the lifeline that connect customers to goods and services. The impact of network downtime can be significant: degrading productivity, eroding customer confidence, and costing as much 3.6 percent of annual revenue, depending on the size of the clients organization.

  • Cisco SMARTnet Service is an award-winning technical support service that gives your IT staff direct, anytime access to Cisco engineers and extensive Cisco.com resources.
  • Cisco SMARTnet is essential to keeping customer’s business-critical functions available, secure, and operating at peak performance.


Shared Support is a cost effective service to keep client’s business-critical functions accessible, secure and functioning at top level performance.  Wateen takes the responsibility of delivering maintenance services including TAC level 1 and level 2 support and has engaged Cisco to deliver level 3 support services. Wateen also helps consumers in opening TAC/RMA cases and ensures parts delivery to consumer sites in association with Cisco.


Cisco Smart Care service is an ongoing/realtime monitoring and periodic assessment of network health, availability, and security to protect and optimize essential network applications, communications, and business operations. This way, problems can be addressed before they affect business functionality. Smart Care is a single service contract that covers all Cisco devices to simplify contract management and maintenance requirements.

VideoConferencing Solution

There are many reasons for the growing momentum of visual communications. Video, Tele-Presence, Immersive Collaborations have all become much more than a way to save travel time and expense. Instead, they’re redefining the way people work and the way business gets done. They enable on-the-spot decisions that bothINCREASE SPEED to the market and sharpen the ability to compete. They enable your key players to be involved, staying engaged and informed in real-time even when they are not in the same room. On top of enhancing your business performance, they can help you do your part for the environment. And, they are becoming critical to business agility, especially in times of environmental calamities.


To help consumers conduct business in a more efficient way and support enterprise green initiatives, Wateen has teamed up with Polycom to offer complete visual communications solutions.

  • One stop shop for visual needs (Hardware, Media,  Technology Expert to deploy and take care of customer (equipment)
  • Preferred partner/reseller of industry leader (Polycom) in Pakistan
  • Over 12 years of experience in selling visual communication products in Government, Education, Telecom, Banking and leading MNCs
  • Proven expertise in deploying visual communication solutions nationally and internationally
  • Round the clock support (Unlimited phone calls and emails)on visual communications solution (hardware and media)
  • Cost effective visual solutions: save up to 50% cost, Wateen’s visual products consume 50% less bandwidth as compared to competitors’ products
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