Wateen’s ever expanding multimedia and interactive TV services offer high-quality video channels, serving the entertainment needs of Lahore and Multan. Services will start soon in Karachi and Islamabad as well.

WateenCable Network

Wateen’s Multimedia Division was formed in 2006 to provide Cable TV services to Wateen’s HFC customers and within a span of 2 years, it has evolved into the leading choice for major Cable Operators across Lahore. In 2010, Wateen became one of the largest CATV service providers in Lahore and Multan with a reach of nearly 600,000 households. Wateen’s in-house TV channels offer a mix of entertainment and lifestyle, providing viewers with the most enjoyable viewing experience at any time. The in-house channels are managed by Wateen’s own production, creative and transmission teams with top quality resources from the media industry. The popularity of Wateen’s in-house channels has helped Wateen in its expansion into newer markets.