The convergence of communication is impacting the way we communicate and collaborate, while making us re-think how we interact with each other. Wateen Telephony brings you the ability to communicate and connect via voice with your family, friends, clients and business partners seamlessly and cost-efficiently. Based on our cutting-edge best in class network, our next generation telephony products and services are designed to enhance your telephony-lifestyle. While we continue to bring the most innovative and leading telephony products and services to your doorstep, we vow to achieve the true telephony convergence that the world is yet to witness.





Wateen provides a high quality and convenient substitute to the traditional landline for homes and offices. Using our state-of-the-art, digital network, we enable our customers to communicate and connect with family, friends, clients and business partners seamlessly around the globe, at affordable rates. Customers can enjoy our innovative packages and highly competitive rates to make local, national and international calls, experiencing the clarity and reliability that is the Wateen way. Wateen Telephony services can be availed over the WFibre and (FTT(X)) mediums.



Whether you are a new startup with basic telecommunication needs or a large multi-office organization requiring customized services, Wateen provides you a solution that is right for you. Wateen Telephony brings you the ability to communicate and connect via voice with your family, friends, clients and business partners seamlessly and cost-efficiently Enterprise Telephony is the cornerstone for traditional and evolving next-generation enterprise communications. The Enterprise Telephony market has evolved over the past several years and is now offering a number of business advantages with new technologies such as IP and Unified Communications.


Wateen provides cost-effective and easily accessible trunking solutions to business users currently using a PBX (Private Branch Exchange) for communication. These trunks will terminate both inbound calls and complete external (outbound) calls that originate from ‘behind’ the PBX.   Wateen facilitates multiple PBX interfaces such as:

  •  SIP- Session Initiation Protocol
  •  PRI- Primary Rate Interface
  •  POTS- Plain Old Telephone System

UniversalAccess Numbers

Universal Access Numbers are 9 digit numbers that start with the digits 111. UANs enable customers to use a single and easy to remember number for incoming calls, while maintaining geographic anonymity. Wateen’s UAN service is an add-on to Fixed Line Telephony i.e. in order to use Wateen UAN services one would need a Wateen telephony connection at the site where the UAN terminates. These services are available over PRI, SIP and POTS trunking interfaces, where one can receive multiple calls through a single, easy to remember, non-geographic number.

Direct InwardDial/Direct Outward Dial Numbers

Wateen is a one-stop solution for all the business needs of a customer. It offers Direct Inward Dial/Direct Outward Dial (DID-DOD) service as an add on to fixed line telephony. In a typical PBX environment, a private numbering plan (or extension numbers) is used for communication within the office. Direct Inward Dial (DID)/Direct Outward Dial (DOD) numbers are logical PSTN numbers that can be ‘mapped’ onto a private numbering plan, allowing ‘internal’ users in an organisation to directly receive or make a call, bypassing an auto-attendant or an operator.


IP telephony transmits voice communications over the network using open, standards-based internet protocol. As such, it provides a way for consumers to extend consistent voice communications services to all employees in their workspaces – on the main campus, at branch offices, remote, or mobile.


Carriers& Operators

Long Distance & International is our doorway to international traffic. Wateen’s International Gateway is the brain behind all international calls. It consists of a high capacity robust telecom infrastructure, through undersea cables. Wateen’s International Gateway is connected via an intricate mesh network to leading telecom operators all over the world, thus ensuring the highest level of availability and competitive pricing, without compromising on quality. Whether you are a wireless local-loop operator in Pakistan, an incumbent or PTT in South America, a cellular-mobile operator in Africa or a wholesale carrier in Europe, we have a solution for you and offer multiple modes of interconnection:

  •  TDM
  •  Voice Over Internet Protocol

Interconnection with Wateen’s International Gateway also gives carriers the opportunity for revenue generation – we originate significant volumes of international traffic generated from our own retail customers as well as wholesale traffic from our various interconnect partners. We offer gateways of international traffic in various countries, either using  our own network footprint, or leveraging our preferential, strategic interconnect partnerships with a special focus on Pakistan and hard-to-enter markets, including South East Asia, The Middle East and Africa. Wateen owns a Tier-1 telco-grade telephony network designed with end-to-end redundancy on the international side (via multiple submarine cable links) and also on the domestic side (over Wateen’s own nationwide optic fiber network) to avoid any down-time in case of link failure. Recent years have seen a significant surge in bandwidth capacity in the country due to the emergence of many new players in the telecom industry. Wateen entered the “carriers’ carrier” market with the aim of bringing a revolution in the telecom industry, by providing a virtually unlimited capacity for catering to the increasing bandwidth demands of the country. With a focus on effective customer relationship management and 24X7X365 Operations and Maintenance support, our customers can enjoy international connectivity service that can be categorized as the best customer experience throughout the world.