Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provides you with on demand hosting and application services specifically designed when cost and time matters a lot. Wateen IAAS improves your end-user experience and increases productivity as it provides the critical flexibility you need when you want to focus on building your business, not data centers. Our subscription-based service delivers scalable and on-demand computing resources from Wateen’s data centers.

You can design and manage your own virtual server hosting solution to cover specific needs, just as if the hardware were on your site. Our country-wide extensive network gives you comfort on overall cost reduction with a pay-per-use model that fits into existing managed services or outsourced activities. By utilizing Wateen’s nation-wide array of virtual data centers, organizations can position their applications closer to the user, thereby improving application performance and end-user productivity. Benefits of Wateen IAAS include:

  • Pay-per-use model and lower management costs
  • High performance on workload access and management
  • Fast deployment of servers, enabling rapid reaction to change
  • High availability and security through choice of SLA and workload residence
  • Improved WAN scalability and heavy content distribution
  • No local IT teams – self- and remotely-managed virtual data centers

Wateen IaaS reduces total cost of ownership of your IT operations at local and branch levels, and provides agility in server hosting capabilities, ensuring consistency of service. Overall, this improves the security and performance delivered to your end-users.