Wateen clear channel circuit or layer 2 VPN is a “point-to-point” service. In this service, an Ethernet wire is handed over to customer who either connects it to a layer 2 switch or a router, depending on which layer the customer wants to build the solution on top off. This service is mostly suitable for customers who have a traditional hub and spoke network topology. All sites connect to an aggregation site which serves as the regional hub resulting in a point to multipoint link between the aggregation site (the hub) and the remote sites (spokes).The following diagram depicts the typical deployment at a customer’s end.

Wateen CIS Network has great capability to provide L3 VPN services to enterprise customers. In this scenario, the customer has to connect at least two branches/offices with Wateen’s MPLS network. The last mile connectivity enables customer to reach nearest PE (Provider Edge) router of Wateen MPLS Core. The last mile connectivity between CE (Customer Edge) router and PE Router is a pure on layer 2 domain. Once the customer is connected to PE, PE initiates a separate routing instance for that customer and populates virtual routing table having routes for CE node in it, this virtual instance is associated to that dedicated instance of router for the customer. Following diagram depicts the typical deployment of L3 Data VPN connection.

L3 VPNs are offered to the customers in both point-to-point and point-to-multipoint configurations. This allows the customers to have “any to any” connectivity on their network by creating a mesh as given in above illustration. This provides customers with the flexibility of designing VPNs according to their requirements.

As businesses expand, so does their need for connectivity. With dual-hub connectivity, improve your productivity by providing more frequent links and ensuring that your business runs smoothly and efficiently. Wateen has designed its core Network in order to make sure that it serves the industry where business matters most. Wateen Dual-Hub services would allow you to focus on your core business and let Wateen Experts manage your Business Critical Applications. With Dual-Hub Services the availability and SLA may increase up to your level of satisfaction.