Since business landscapes are getting increasingly competitive, while at the same time ‘not invented here’ syndrome has become a hindrance to success of most of the businesses. Companies will need to farm out commodity tasks to third parties. This will help them diverge in their business strategies and customer relationships. Businesses that are first to recognize this fact will have the ability to quickly react to market dynamics and improve their competitive standing while those who are slow react to it will soon cede their competitive advantage to their rivals. Delivering and maintaining effective networks requires specialist skills and resources that many businesses are finding it difficult to provide in-house. Opting for a managed service is just one way to ensure that your business meets its expectations.

  • More than 100 certified resources for networking, voice, video, storage and cloud technologies
  • Service packages ranging from on-site to on-call Support
  • Pro-active fault monitoring; reduces business impact from networks related service disruption
  • Anticipate service impact before user gets affected
  • Enhancing your network performance and lowers risk

With Wateen’s Managed Network Services’ expert people, processes and tools, the organization can experience maximized system up-time through our real-time, pro-active monitoring, root cause analysis, and work flow service automation. The results lead to increased revenue growth and employee productivity; reduced risk; optimized communications applications and network performance; and financial re-engineering of information technology costs to achieve predictability and flexibility of investment. Our MNS will include 365/24/7 Managed Network Services, IT Consulting Services, Managed Security Services, Online Data Backup Services, Storage Services, and Replication Services. These services are ideal for organizations requiring a secure, available, and managed IT environment to support their business-critical systems and applications. Wateen’s Managed Solutions take full liability of network and service operation activities on behalf of the customer allowing them to focus on their core business. Our Managed Network Services portfolio includes:

  • Managed WAN, Managed LAN, Managed IP Telephony, Managed IP Contact Centers and much more.
  • Remote access VPN, IP Security VPN, Denial of service detection and mitigation, Managed Intrusion Detection, Managed Remote Access.