Security & Surveillance

As cities and towns expand, security in common areas like parks and downtowns becomes more and more important. A constant stream of consumers and visitors are vital for the success of restaurants and local businesses, and video surveillance is a great security tool to keep consumers safe and towns thriving. Modern video surveillance systems can do so much more than just be there to catch what’s going on and hope that it’s there when you need it later. Plus with a modern video surveillance system you don’t have to worry about changing the tapes anymore! With the ever changing technology in business security the uses and possibilities are endless and having a video surveillance system will save you and your business time Wateen’s broadband technologies provide the flexibility to put cameras in more places more rapidly enabling businesses unprecedented video connectivity. Powered by its strong infrastructure, Wateen offers high-quality IP surveillance solution which can enable you to receive alarms from your IP Camera without any human intervention – no further need of security guards. 24/7 monitoring and surveillance can be a constant challenge for any enterprise. It not only disengages resources that may be better utilized for value addition in the core areas but also secures businesses from risks and threats. To meet this inescapable need, Wateen takes pride on being a sophisticated security provider; utilizing cutting-edge advanced technology to provide your organization top quality security solutions at affordable prices. With Wateen’s Security Services you can get:

  • State-of-the-art Security and Surveillance Solution with complete monitoring and storage complaint to international standards
  • Integrated Security Systems – maximization and integration of the sub-systems required to protect an area
  • Wireless feature gives you mobility and flexibility
  • Complete video analytics, which will enable:
  • Traffic monitoring of entire city from single control room
  • Congestion monitoring of busy roads and intersections
  • VIP travel route monitoring
  • Vehicle tracking and people counting and tracking
  • License plate recognition
  • Facial recognition
  • Motion detection
  • Monitoring of monuments and important buildings and many more