Unified Communication

Unified communications and collaboration delivers business agility and reduces the cost and complexity of communication in any organization. Unified Communication in the workplace should be more powerful than personal communication tools, because the more we accomplish during our work day the more flexibility and freedom we enjoy in our personal lives. Luckily, unified communication suites seamlessly integrate voice, HD video, instant messaging, email integration and mobility and allows for these solutions to be fully accessible from any PC, Mac, desk phone, smartphone or tablet.

By combining telephony and business data on the same network, it gives firms the ability to combine and use voice, data (and video) information in their common business applications, saving and forwarding whole instant message streams, faxes, e-mails, voice phone calls or videoconferencing sessions as chunks of data Wateen’s top notch Unified Communications solutions will not only give your business the ideal edge above the rest, but will also provide unprecedented flexibility and scalability.

  • Collaborate more effectively anywhere.
  • Save cost & enhance employee productivity.
  • Increase efficiency and independence.
  • Connect anywhere via any device and conduct business anywhere.
  • Facilitate fast decision making within organization


Today, businesses constantly need services to reach out to their customers through a faster, reliable and economical communication platform. The rise of digitization has therefore brought in a multiplicity of service delivery organizations, geographies, business practices, call centre technologies and communication networks. Managed Contact Center simplifies management overheads, provides geographic flexibility and improves quality, particularly for multi-site contact center operations. Not long ago, there was only one way to power a call center.It was all about investing in equipment, software, network connectivity and the staff to manage it all. But today, there is an alternative. Outsourcing your call center can help you overcome these challenges. Wateen’s Unified Contact Center Solution combines multi-channel Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) functionality with IP telephony in a unified solution environment, enabling your company to rapidly deploy a distributed contact center infrastructure. Wateen’s Managed Contact Center Solution gives you the freedom to select the hardware infrastructure and contact center applications that best meet your business needs today while future proofing your environment for any potential needs.


Cost reduction has become a primary business target in the emerging business scenario. This is increasingly becoming a point of parity for any business to help sustain its competitive position. High operational costs can quite often be the biggest restricting factor for any business. IP Telephony is undoubtedly recognized as effective operational cost reduction technology.Wateen’s IP Telephony Solution offers cost saving by combining voice and data on single network that takes advantage of your LAN and WAN and can be centrally maintained. This also ensures that the toll expenses for calls between locations are eliminated. Wateen’s IP Telephony solution empowers you to transform your organization’s communication systems into simpler and streamlined models. Our IPT solutions can improve standards in critical areas such as QoS, scalability, security, reliability, interoperability and affordability. Moreover, our IP telephony solutions present exciting opportunities for furthering more value-added services and applications throughout your organization. Wateen’s innovative IP telephony solutions are easy to install, configure and manage thus ensuring mobility, productivity and cost-saving.


Unified communications and collaboration solutions hold tremendous promise for improving worker productivity. Communications systems are the most critical part of a business and one of the most problematic areas. According to research, midsize firms suffer unplanned server outages of e-mail and other communications applications at twice the rate of other applications. Applying best practices and improved technology across communications infrastructure can be beneficial. It can reduce a company’s unplanned downtime by more than 60% and support costs by more than 80% and improve business performance.


With audio, web and video conferencing, you can come together with anyone, anywhere, any time. Wateen’s Conferencing solutions let you quickly bring people together—whether it’s for project reviews, demos or status updates. It brings hundreds or thousands of people together on the phone and incorporates the web to make your virtual event more engaging.Wateen offers you communication services in the following domains:
  • Audio Conferencing
  • Video Conferencing
  • Web Conferencing