Cost reduction has become a primary business target in the emerging business scenario. This is increasingly becoming a point of parity for any business to help sustain its competitive position. High operational costs can quite often be the biggest restricting factor for any business. IP Telephony is undoubtedly recognized as effective operational cost reduction technology. Wateen’s IP Telephony Solution offers cost saving by combining voice and data on single network that takes advantage of your LAN and WAN and can be centrally maintained. This also ensures that the toll expenses for calls between locations are eliminated. Wateen’s IP Telephony solution empowers you to transform your organization’s communication systems into simpler and streamlined models. Our IPT solutions can improve standards in critical areas such as QoS, scalability, security, reliability, interoperability and affordability. Moreover, our IP telephony solutions present exciting opportunities for furthering more value-added services and applications throughout your organization. Wateen’s innovative IP telephony solutions are easy to install, configure and manage thus ensuring mobility, productivity and cost-saving. IP Telephony has come of age and proven capable of delivering cost saving and increasing productivity Increases for businesses of all sizes.