Unified communications and collaboration solutions hold tremendous promise for improving worker productivity. Communications systems are the most critical part of a business and one of the most problematic areas. According to research, midsize firms suffer unplanned server outages of e-mail and other communications applications at twice the rate of other applications. Applying best practices and improved technology across communications infrastructure can be beneficial. It can reduce a company’s unplanned downtime by more than 60% and support costs by more than 80% and improve business performance. Deployment of Unified Communication is a strategic and complex need of an organization, which needs to focus on network infrastructure that supports the enabling of Unified Communications and Mobility. Wateen being the Advance Technology Partner of leading Technology Providers has industry standard consultants who are a phone call away to assist in the design and deployment of critical application of Unified Communication. With our consultants you can enjoy;

  • Strategic consulting and business assessment
  • Solution Design and Planning consultancy
  • Flexible approach for business needs

Cost-effective communication solutions address both your business and IT needs. Combining your email, voicemail, telephony, audio and video conferencing over an IP network and making it accessible via a single unified interface can result in a dramatic boost to your workforce efficiency and enable new business processes.