Visual Communication

In a demanding economy, when companies are experiencing fierce competition and tight schedules, distances are not an excuse. Wateen’s Video Conferencing solution effectively increases your organizations ability to communicate at an optimal speed helping it to take timely decisions as well as cutting down on costs. Wateen provides the most lifelike experience for communication and remote meetings from anywhere to anywhere, instantly.

No longer does travel have to be essential to maintain relationships. No longer do you need to compromise on low-cost and high-quality video. And no longer does sophisticated technology mean a complicated and The tele-conferencing experience for modern age business requirements is so dynamic and real, it’s just like being there!! For traditional conferencing applications in standard quality resolutions, Wateen offers various product options.

Room Systems: Visual communication systems for conference rooms allow groups to meet naturally over distance, enabling more productive meetings and real-time decision making. Personal System: Solutions for the personal space combine ease-of-use with standard definition communication, allowing individuals and teams to interact across various environments. Wateen visual communications solutions enable people in different locations to collaborate face-to-face as if they are in same room. It improves productivity, accelerates decision making and delivers competitive advantages, while considerably reducing the travel cost.

The applications for this technology are potentially limitless. Distance learning is gaining importance in today’s world. You can also benefit from Wateen’s experience in building electronic classrooms for a leading engineering university of Pakistan. With the new technology in place, students can now attend their lectures remotely and save cost of travel as well as their valuable time. A medical institute can enable its students to share their ideas and lectures with each other more effectively even when they are not physically present in operation theatres and class rooms.


Travelling and boarding costs are increasing day by day and all commercial entities are reviewing their administrative costs for savings. The best technological alternate is to have a state-of-the-art video conferencing setup and have all your meetings planned accordingly to save time, energy and finances of traveling and related costs. Whether you need large wall-mounted board rooms or personal desktop based solutions, our excellent video and voice communication solutions ensure that everyone can clearly see, hear and be heard to improve productivity and deliver a seamless, natural communications experience. In partnership with the leading industry vendors of the world, Wateen provides the widest variety of video conferencing solutions to meet the needs of any environment:Private offices and small meeting rooms Conference and board rooms Large training facilities and classrooms seating hundreds of participants Private offices and small meeting rooms Conference and board rooms Large training facilities and classrooms seating hundreds of participants