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Celebrating Childhood at Wateen: A Week Full of Smiles and Surprises

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Childhood – a magical time filled with wonder, imagination, and the joy of simple pleasures! 

Remember being a kid? That fabulous time when everything was exciting and new? Well, we had a week at Wateen that took us right back to those good old days. 



Our Children’s Week at Wateen was all about reliving the little joys we knew as kids. 

It was more than just an event; it was like a time machine taking us back to those carefree, innocent childhood days. The whole week was a fun-filled throwback to the simple wonders that made us smile as youngsters. 

We kicked off with something super entertaining called the “Meet Mini-Me” activity on Viva Engage. We all shared our childhood photos, and it was a blast! We all got to know each other as kids, not just co-workers. 

Then things got even more fun with “Guess Who – Leadership Edition.” We tried to figure out who was who from their childhood pictures. It was a great laugh and made us all feel even more like a big, happy family. 

Our offices were buzzing with all sorts of childhood games – like darts, ludo, musical chairs, and so much more. It’s cool how playing games from our childhood can make us feel refreshed and energized even at this age. 

One of the best parts was the “Bundle of Smiles” initiative. We gathered different stuff to give to underprivileged children who need it more than we do. It felt great to spread some kindness and smiles. Remember what being a kid is all about – sharing and caring! 

We wrapped up the week with “Mini-Me at Work Day.” Our employees’ children came to the office, and wow, did they bring the fun! It was a great way to connect with our colleagues and their families, and it made our workplace feel even more exciting.

Here’s to keeping the magic and wonder of childhood alive in our everyday lives and making sure every kid gets to dream big and have fun. 

Happy Children’s Day Let’s keep the good vibes rolling today and every day!