Parental Softwares

In the recent years, the Web became the most used media by young people. More and more of them have a smart phone and/or a tablet and access the internet no matter where they are.
As new technologies evolve, the dangers and pitfalls are diversifying and becoming increasingly difficult to discern, making use of the Internet increasingly risky for children. The dangers of the Internet are not limited to pornographic sites. All users of the Internet are exposed to very real risks, ranging from the theft of personal information to online bullying, along with various forms of scams. That is why it is essential for every user to be able to detect potentially dangerous situation and protect themselves over internet.
This is why a discreet but effective parental control, present on all fixed or mobile devices managing Web access, helps to protect minors against the various dangers of the Internet and so is a valuable aid in the education process conducted by parents.

Software Name Cost Platform
Net Nanny $28.55/yr Windows and MAC
WebWatcher $99.95/yr Iphone, Android, Windows and MAC
McAfee Safe Eyes $49.95/yr MAC and Widows
Witigo Parental Filter $49.99/yr Android, MAC and Widows
ContentBarrier $39.99/yr MAC
SentryPC $69.95/yr Windows
Qustodio $39.95/yr Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Kindle and Nook
Verity $34.99/yr Windows

Note: These softwares are recommended by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority and you can download the latest version directly from their respective website.

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