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Wateen is Pakistan’s leading information and communications technology company with a diverse portfolio of customers across industries. A pioneer in the telecommunications industry, Wateen is proud to have laid the foundation of Pakistan’s internet connectivity with the fastest-growing fiber-optic network.

Wateen is credited with transforming the landscape of communications technology in Pakistan through our efforts to revolutionize businesses with cutting-edge technology. With the country’s largest team of highly experienced certified resources, our subject matter experts ensure end-to-end support uniquely optimized for businesses and enterprises across various verticals.

Position Summary:

Join our team as a Performance Analytical Engineer and be a key contributor to our dynamic. In this role, you’ll leverage your expertise to deliver precise analytical reports, driving issue identification, in-depth analysis, and diagnostics for both NOC data and Network elements. Harness the power of expansive data and advanced measurement capabilities to provide invaluable insights that enhance performance across the board. Your role is vital in shaping our success by ensuring top-notch data-driven decision-making.



Key Responsibilities:

  • Proficiency in utilizing statistical languages like Python, PHP, and JavaScript/AJAX for the purpose of analyzing extensive datasets and effectively presenting insights to stakeholders
  • Expertise in creating output webpage designs, including input design and seamless integration with databases, along with comprehensive documentation
  • Skillfully convey ideas, both technical and non-technical, through well-structured written documents and articulate verbal communication, catering to both small and large group settings
  • Adeptly capture and bridge reporting requirements across diverse projects pertaining to Enterprise, Carrier, and FTTT customers, ensuring the preparation of pertinent reports that reflect customer needs
  • Demonstrate flexibility in adapting to the evolving dynamics of the business environment, while actively supporting management initiatives and providing guidance to fellow engineers

Required Skills:

  • Comprehensive proficiency in programming languages, underscored by a strong technical acumen
  • Proven track record in crafting custom dynamic portals tailored to specific requirements
  • Seasoned experience in the realm of data analysis, adeptly extracting insights from datasets
  • Exceptional expertise in databases and data modeling, operating at an expert level
  • Demonstrated skills in data visualization, coupled with the ability to swiftly grasp statistical methods and methodologies, while maintaining a keen awareness of evolving data analytics technology trends, including emerging paradigms and best practices
  • Proficiency in utilizing reporting tools like MS Excel and Power BI to distill complex data into meaningful reports
  • Fluency in Python, PHP, and JavaScript languages
  • Mastery of databases such as MySQL and Postgres

Education & Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Sciences/Engineering
  • 1-2 years’ experience in Network Analytics

Performance Analytical Engineer


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