FAQs Cable TV

Ans: Digital TV is the transmission of audio and video by digitally processed and multiplexed signals, in contrast to the totally analog and channel separated signals used by analog television.
Ans: Set-Top-Box (STB) is a device containing a tuner in it, which captures an external source of signal and throws to the television set for a great quality picture. Set-Top-Box is necessary to continue receiving the signals in digital format.
Ans: Currently we are offering digital STB services with HD channels on cable and not IP TV.
Ans: The resolution which is being offered for digital channels is True HD which is up to 1080p.
Ans: Yes the STB has the option to transmit both TV transmission in single TV but only one transmission can be viewed at one time. However, you can switch between the transmissions through your TV set
Ans: This option is available in your TV.
Ans: If your analogue feed is received from the STB then it will not be possible to view the feed.
Ans: Cable will be connected with STB on the input slot and output can be obtained through STB via HDMI, RF Out or AV option on the back of STB.
Ans: You can always use the AV ports to connect to your TV for Digital TV feed, however, STB is basically designed for providing a better result to the viewer. If you don’t have the HDMI port in your TV then you may face slight quality issues.
Ans:  You will have to subscribe for 2 additional STBs as there is only one tuner in each STB.
Ans: If you want to use any other STB then you need to subscribe for Wateen’s digital services. We recommend using Wateen’s provided STB as there will be quality issues while using other STBs.
Ans: No. In case you connect HDMI port to TV1 and AV cable to TV2, eventually both your TV sets will be showing the same channel simultaneously. However, you can use Digital and Analogue channels separately on 2 different TV sets from one STB and can view different channels at the same time.
Ans: Currently we are offering 100+ Digital channels and 80 Analogue channels.
Ans: Primarily Yes! However there could be a couple of channels that falsely write HD on their channel logos.
Ans: Currently we are not offering smart card services.
Ans: This facility is not being offered currently.
Ans: Through USB port you can view your favorite media (video, audio, pictures) which is available in your universal storage bus. However, while using the USB feature you can use additional buttons (pause, forward, rewind etc.)
Ans: This feature is available, however, you can watch only one channel and other will be frozen.
Ans: Yes you can but the same channel will be displayed on both TVs on HDMI.
Ans: Auto tuning is not available. Channel tune up will only be done by our designated support engineers physically at your location or remotely via help line.
Ans: Yes, all our in-house channels are digital. In-house channels will be available on both Digital and Analogue feed.
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