Analogue TV

Monthly Line Rent
PKR 1,000

Digital TV

PKR 1,000

  • 1 Digital TV connection
  • 1 Analogue TV connection
  • 5 In-House Channels
  • 100 + SD & HD TV Channels
  • Crystal clear quality
  • USB playback support
Upfront charges (7:00am-7:00pm) Charges (7:01pm- 6:59am) Type Internet + Phone + Analogue TV
Subscription Charges (TV only For HFC) –Analogue 1,500 One time
Subscription Charges (TV only for HFC &WFiber) –Digital +Analogue 5,000 One time
Security advance refundable Device Refundable Security (Digital TV) 1,500 One time

Easy Bill Payments

  • Retail Pay

    Retail payment facilitators; not only make bill payment hassle free but also provide convenience at immediate locations. You are kindly requested to take your ‘Consumer Number’ along when using this facility.

  • phone Pay

    Technology has brought everything to the palm of your hand. Your phones can now be used to make payments securely and promptly at your time of choice through a SMS.

  • ATM Pay

    For safe bill payment at any time and location, choosing this method of straight convenience is also a solution made available by Wateen Telecom. However; ensure that you take along your ‘Consumer Number;’ to make payment through any of the listed banks.

  • Net Pay

    ‘Convenience on the go’ has now been translated into making payments while using net banking services. You will be requested for your ‘Consumer Number;’ which you need to keep handy to make the payment.

Bill Payment Partners