FAQs WFibre-dha

Ans: Our current offerings include the following services:

  • Broadband internet
  • Cable television (Analogue & Digital)
  • Voice service
Ans: All the above services provided by the same operator are known as triple-play services.
Ans: You simply have to call us on 111-365-111 and our Customer Services representative will assist you in getting a Wateen Multimedia cable connection.
Ans: A true broadband connection means you have a high speed connection to the internet. Broadband refers to a connection that has the capacity to transmit large amounts of data at a high speed. Presently a connection having download speeds of 256 Kbps or more is classified as true broadband. When connected to the Internet, such a connection allows surfing or downloading much faster than a dial-up or any other narrowband connection.
Ans: With a true broadband connection you can surf the internet at a much faster speed, download your favorite music, games, movies and songs quickly.
Ans: With Wateen broadband internet you will have the freedom to choose any bandwidth from the given tariffs.
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