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Ans: WFibre is gigabit capable passive optical network. It is a point-to-multipoint access mechanism. Its main characteristic is the use of passive splitters in the fiber distribution network, enabling one single feeding fiber from the provider’s central office to serve multiple homes and small businesses

  • WFibre is a passive network which diminishes power issues
  • WFibre supports multiple services. Currently Wateen will be offering Triple play services.
  • WFibre supports high-bandwidth transmission.
  • WFibre has potential for multiple VAS offerings.
Ans: User will be provided with the state of art device, which will allow user to use DATA, VOIP & multimedia services at the same time.
Ans: WiMAX is Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access, which consists of wireless connectivity between an access point & devices. However; WFibre is a wired connection, which will provide end-to-end solution on fiber optic. (This is obviously more reliable than any wireless medium).
Ans: Subjected to opted package; Wateen is offering upto 20 Mbps speed on WFibre.
Ans: In case of service discontinuation, you will have to call on our helpline. Wateen representative will visit you for collecting the device.
Ans: Yes, Set Top Box would be installed to use the Digital TV services.
Ans: You do not need any kind of equipment to view multimedia services
Ans: Currently there are over 80 analogue channels and numerous in-house channels available.
Ans: Wateen will be offering both Analogue and Digital Services but Digital services will be subject to availability in your required location. Analogue TV is a normal TV system that can be viewed through a cable, whereas digital TV requires a special receiver known as a set top box, for channel viewing.
Ans: The requirements are simple. You need a PC with an Internet card. Our installation team will provide any other equipment required. Your PC will require a minimum specification of:

  • 133 MHz processor
  • 256MB RAM
  • CD-ROM drive
  • USB or Ethernet Port
  • Windows 98 or higher or MAC OS7.5 to MAC OS9.2
 Ans: Yes both can be used simultaneously
Ans: Yes and this would be a recurring monthly cost which will be billed as additional service.
Ans:Only one port is enabled for data service however, you can connect third medium to connect multiple computers
Ans:You will not be able to use any of services
Ans:This is a postpaid connection, monthly bill will be delivered and payment should be paid before the last payment date otherwise services will be blocked. Payment can be made by cheque, cash and alternate payment methods like, one-link, (ATM), easy paisa, net banking.
Ans:Device will be property of Wateen Telecom
Ans:Mode of payment for the first time will be Preferably Cash, Payment by cheque is also acceptable but in this case services will be activated after cheque clearance.
Ans. Service Center is available in Multan Cantt and Lahore Gulberg.
Ans: To subscribe Wateen WFibre services, kindly visit our Service center or call on our helpline 111-365-111
Ans: Currently services are being offered in some selected areas of Lahore and Multan
Ans: Any advance payments and security (if paid) made will be refunded back after necessary deductions (if any).
Ans: Telephone number of own choice can be allocated subject to availability.
Ans: Our censorship policy is in line with Pakistan Censorship Board and international movie and entertainment channels which Pakistan Electronic & Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) currently approves.
Ans: For CATV we can provide four CATV with a 4 Way Splitter
Ans:Currently this feature is not available.
Ans:It is subjected to survey, because Wateen is offering its WFibre services in selected areas. However; exact time line will be shared after the survey has thoroughly been conducted.
Ans:Please visit Wateen selfcare portal on “selfcare.wateen.com”
Ans:Currently, we are not offering Online Gaming Service
Ans: Fair Use Policy (FUP) is practiced to ensure an optimum Internet Experience for maximum number of users. Wateen is offering Internet bandwidth with absolutely No Data Volume Cap; however Fair Use Policy is applicable in the guidelines of PTA. Fair Use Policy will be applicable on the user that consumes 3 TBs or greater in a single month; the internet experience of such customers will be downgraded for the rest of the month. Fair Use Revoke policy is available for the users to replenish actual subscribed internet bandwidth. For revoke charges, please call at 111365111 or visit our business centres or consult your particular sales account manager.
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