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Cisco Services and Solutions in Pakistan

Wateen – A Cisco Gold Partner Integrator

The Largest Team of Cisco Experts in Pakistan

85 +

Cisco Certified Resources

145 +

Wateen hosts the largest team of Cisco Certified Experts in Pakistan as a Cisco Gold Partner in Pakistan. We are the industry leaders in providing Cisco Solutions in Pakistan. With a diverse range of Cisco Services, our team not only provides Cisco Solutions, but integrates them in a way that is best suited to your needs. Wateen is the ideal Cisco Systems Integrator for your organisation.

A partnership that stood strong for over a decade

Wateen has maintained its position as a Cisco Gold Partner Integrator in Pakistan for over 10 years and counting. Our partnership has withstood the test of time with top of the line Cisco products and services that have served our customers across Pakistan. If you’re looking for a Cisco Partner in Pakistan, Wateen is your one-stop-shop for anything and everything Cisco!

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